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The official opening of the DROR / Azrielli 2014/15 program that is in full swing at Ulpanot Gila &a

It was significant and poignant that the evening's events were held the Rikki & Racheli Menora z"l Hall on the Orot Campus.

Parents and girls enrolled in the program were in attendance and enjoyed hearing from the heads of both Ulpanot Gila, Noga, the Azrielli staff and of course the brainchild of this program in Bet Shemesh Sima Menora herself.

A family who have had a daughter in this program also addressed the crowd and explained the significant and positive impact the extra lessons, sports and hadracha have had on their daughter and how she is now succeeding in the most significant ways.

The group was then divided up to participate in workshops and to talk to social workers and facilitators. There were both Hebrew and Amharic speaking groups for the parents. For some this was the first opportunity they have had to speak to social workers.

Concurrently the girls were involved in an activity in small groups with facilitators. The aim of these activities were to make the girls more self aware and to help the girls through discussions focus on what each one wanted to achieve this year through the holistic program of tuition, sports and hadracha. And so DROR continues to Inspire Girls To Aspire!

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