Young women's empowerment is so crucial in our world today, as is finding a safe, healthy place for teens to go. You can greatly enhance the life of a young woman in Bet Shemesh by donating to a program. 

All gifts can be made in honor of a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the birth of a child, or in memory of a loved one. DROR will send notification cards to the recipient.

All donations to DROR are tax-deductible.

US Dollar Donations


Credit Card/Paypal

New: Credit Card donations via PEF/Causmatch - $25 minimum donation.

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You can still donate via Paypal/Credit Card for any amount by clicking on the donate button below: 

Check Donations

U.S. tax deductible checks can be made out

to P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Incwith a recommendation that it be used for:  DROR- Derech Rikki V’Racheli, Amutah (NPO)


Mail to: Sima Menora

925 Kingstown Rd.

Wakefield RI02879

(Please note, this is for minimum $25 donation).

Shekel Donations



DROR-Derech Rikki VeRacheli

BANK: Bank HaPoalim(12) 


ACCOUNT: 60186


In order to make a NIS tax deductible dollar donation online using PAYPAL,  please click  here.


Israeli checks can made out to DROR & sent or hand delivered to:

          39 Rechov Shimon,

Bet Shemesh,

ISRAEL 99543


contact Esther to coordinate:

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