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We Made It!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

And it's July! How quick was that year! Before we start our amazing summer camp, we had a few more spring highlights we wanted to share!

The first is the clothing sale at the Zinman Community Center as part of their Sustainability Project. DROR girls spent the bulk of the year serving as junior counselors for underprivileged children. For the majority of May, the girls also worked on a project to help collect clothes from residents and sell them at discounted rates or donate them. The DROR staff and girls worked hard to collect clothes, sort, advertise, and prepare for the sale. It was a huge effort and the girls were very proud of their efforts! The girls took leadership roles, assisting potential customers in purchasing great finds.

Our final sports activity was the annual Bet Shemesh 5K, sponsored by the Iriya and the Benjamin Library in Bet Shemesh. The 5k distance was now a much easier target for the girls, who had been practicing all year long with dedicated coach, Nili Swickley. It was great to get back out there as a team again and shine!

Each of our programs had a carefully planned ending, to finish off the year with a conclusion. Each tutor and student had some pocket money and spent fun time together painting or eating out. The Club DROR girls were treated to a sewing session by Talia Maurice, where they worked on pillow making. As school finals approached, the DROR learning center prepared the girls for the testing paired with yummy chocolate! In thanks to Zinman for partnering with us, we left them a mural representing DROR's message-the sky is the limit!!

Finally, it was time for our final event. The staff members really outdid themselves, decorating the DROR hall and preparing a wonderful brunch and slideshow. Awards were distributed to the girls who excelled at our sports classes and volunteering. Some of the DROR parents attended as well, which led to a really emotional event. We heard from our program director, Esti, our incredible founder, Sima, and finally enjoyed a short hip hop presentation. We took some photos, gave some final hugs, and promised to keep in touch.

Camp DROR starts tomorrow, with a longer and more enriching program than ever before! Updates to follow! For now, we want to thank our followers, donors, and staff members who have made all this possible. We are so proud of our young women and their efforts and achievements this year!

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