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Jerusalem Marathon 2018 = Success!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

We can't go on blogging without letting our readers know what a fabulous time we had at the Jerusalem Marathon! March 9th was truly the highlight of the year! #TEAMDROR prepared with our amazing sports coach, Nili Swickley, and all of the DROR girls completed the 10K! Next year, some of us are setting our eyes out on the half marathon! Who's joining us?

But the marathon was more than a sporting event, it was the culmination of the girls' training as well as our annual fundraiser. Runners had personal fundraising pages and brought in great donations from friends, family members, colleagues and anyone else they could think of! We are so proud to say that between our runners and corporate sponsors we managed to raise over $60,000 for this year's programming!!

Our awesome corporate sponsors:

Hightower NSW Advisors

1st Equity Bank


Prime Property Israel


Drive Safely

Thank you, team members, donors, and volunteers! You made this event happen!!

The girls were blown away by the experience itself. Many of them were first time runners, and they joined thousands of others as they raced through Jerusalem. The run is also a great opportunity for our girls to meet DROR’s administration, supporters, and friends. The huge smiles of satisfaction and pride on their faces was proof that the girls had gained so much from their training. They also were able to see that they are part of something much bigger than themselves: they are part of a movement that believes in pushing past one's personal obstacles and reaching for success.

Click here to view our photo gallery

Credits: Gary Swickley

Next year's Jerusalem Marathon is scheduled for March 15! Looking forward to seeing you all!

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