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Spring Highlights!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Hello to our wonderful readers and supporters! We've had a busy few months with lots of great activities and events to share!

Firstly, we held our Annual Shabbaton in Nehusha, a Moshav 15 minutes from Bet Shemesh. We involved the girls in the prepatory work; they helped with the baking and cooking with their tutors. To get the excitement going, we posted photo count-downs all over social media.

The Shabbat experience was great as well, with many opportunities for bonding. There was a craft activity where the girls could each decorate their own vision of the "DROR bird", striving for more. We then participated in a musical Kabbalat Shabbat, led by our resident guitarist and tutor, Hodaya Daniel, and festive meal, where each girl had to list something in her life she is grateful for. Each year, we also auction off prizes -such as ice cream with Sima-and use sports goals (such as 4 hours of running) as currency! What an awesome motivator! Other activities included group discussions with staff members, a walk around the Moshav, meditation time, games, and the distribution of DROR sweatshirts!

We want to thank the staff members involved for their efforts into planning a memorable weekend!

On Taanit Esther, the DROR girls wanted to help the community in some way. They approached a staff member and asked to visit an old age home. They came along with the guitar once again, and spent the afternoon singing and talking. DROR girls also prepared a small carnival at the local community center just before Purim.

Yom Hashoah was a day of reflection of what was lost. The girls discussed racism, shared personal feelings toward the Holocaust, and heard from a guide from Yad Vashem.

Then, the girls participated in a very special event on Yom Hazikaron, when Israel's fallen soldiers are remembered. Our girls joined other local youth groups at the official Bet Shemesh memorial and took shifts guarding the monument. This was a very powerful experience for our girls, who showed maturity and responsibility.

Most recently, we celebrated Israel's 70th birthday with a photo competition, #israelat70. Our girls had to depict the number 70 in an interesting and creative way. We had some outstanding submissions and 3 prize winners!

Soon, our year will be wrapping up!

Stay tuned for end of year activities and summer camp details!

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