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November is here!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

The month of November is here and DROR programming is in full swing! The calendar is on its way and we are loaded with amazing activities that engage so many young girls in Bet Shemesh.

We have 13 private tutors as well as a hip-hop group led by Abby Yudin and a running group led by Nili Swickly. Our tutors meet with one or two students each week for a study session and down time with an awesome role model, who is just a few years ahead of them. The sport activities run once weekly and definetely get the blood flowing!

DROR girls are also out volunteering at a local community center once every two weeks. They spend time with children working in a community garden. After an hour of volunteering, we do fun activities with them, such as a chocolate workshop!

We are offering a new learning center where teen girls can come to study and get help with schoolwork in a relaxed group setting. Huge thanks to Tali Himelstein for organizing!

Finally, we have Moadon DROR, which is a "membership club" open to girls who cannot committ to the weekly programming, but still want a connection with us. They have incredible energy and have been initiating programs to benefit the community, such as planning a Bat Mitzvah for a friend who cannot afford one.

Looking forward to the rest of the winter season--stay tuned for details of our Chanukah party!

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