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Misty Slopes


DROR and Geerz team up to provide therapeutic mountain biking for at-risk youth
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At DROR, Derech Rikki V’Racheli, z”l, we recognize the importance of celebrating young women’s empowerment. We help our local young women to develop their own inner resources at this crucial point in their lives, just as they are entering middle school and looking towards the beginnings of their journey into adulthood. We work to set them up for success by offering a mentor, academic support, sports and health education, opportunities for building healthy relationships, and chances to impact their communities via volunteering programs. We provide them with opportunities to learn from new experiences, such as the Jerusalem Marathon or a meeting with local police officers, in order to enhance their knowledge about the world around them. We provide them with tools to build new skills, facilitating their growing confidence. We do all of this because we believe these young women are capable and can contribute meaningfully to the world around them. Mirroring our belief in them, the girls begin to believe in themselves.


Sima Menora founded DROR in memory of her beautiful daughters, Rikki and Racheli, z"l.

Sima is a clinical psychologist, practicing in Israel and in the US, while working closely with the fantastic DROR team towards DROR's continued development.


Sima's motto is "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Sima Menora, Founder

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