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Written by our Program Director, Esti Zecharia

What is DROR? 

DROR is a place where everyone can walk through the door and feel connected.

DROR is a place everyone is cared for, where we invest time and planning into working out what the best direction is for each young woman, what she needs from us, what strengths she has, and what we can do to help her move forward.

DROR is a place that even if you couldn’t show up, we’ll always send you a message and ask where you were and realize you’re missing and still want you to join.

DROR is a place for all kinds of girls, from all kinds of places, basically, a wonderful and amazing group of diverse and awesome women.

DROR is a place where you will never be judged, where everyone is different and wonderful.

DROR is a place of freedom, where you can be free to dress how you like, to talk about any subject, including those you don’t get to speak about enough. It’s a place to share your thoughts and feelings about life.

DROR is a place where we always ask you for your opinion, what you think we should do next year, what activities you’d want us to do next week, and we try to give everyone something they’d each enjoy.

DROR is a place where you are respected, where your thoughts are important to us, a place where we want to hear your voice, understand you, and help you to identify and realize your path in this world.

DROR is a place where we discuss values and meaningful subjects. It’s a place in which you will want to grow, to learn, to mature, to feel good about yourself, and to choose to lead your life in a way you feel is the best for you.

DROR is a place that encourages group support and cooperation, self-esteem, a healthy body image, making good choices, supportive social situations, health and well being, and friendships.

DROR is a place where we see everyone as an equal, and equally entitled to unconditional love and acceptance, and the right to pursue and actualize their dreams.

DROR is a place where you can apologize and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes.

DROR is a place that appreciates you and is grateful that you’ve chosen to be a part of DROR and share your strengths and gifts with all of us.

DROR is a place where you can feel that you are the best you possible, that believes you can make changes, be flexible, to even start again from scratch to find the best recipe that works for you.

DROR is a place that believes in you, and in your ability to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

DROR is a place where you can ask for help with your studies or with your home life, or just get advice for life and you’ll always be unconditionally and lovingly accepted.

DROR is like a big sister who is always there for you, because family is forever.

DROR is a place that gives you new and diverse experiences, to appreciate the small wins, and to feel that you are capable of setting goals and achieving them. And this is only the beginning of the road.

DROR is an Instagram story that is posted at weird hours of the day/night, it’s like Likes and Comments, various surveys, and photos that are uploaded.

DROR is a staff that answers Whatsapps at all hours of the day, that thinks a lot about what is good for you, and how to plan the best and most meaningful event, and always tries to understand, to give to others, and to invest in you.

But aside from all this, DROR is YOU. Each one of you is beloved and special.

Thank you for believing in us, investing in us, cooperating with us, for coming to DROR, for smiling, for talking, and letting us get to know you and love you. Thank you for helping us to feel that we’re in a good, loving place together.

The place called DROR.

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