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In the summer of 2010, Rikki and Racheli Menora z”l, two teenage girls, tragically passed away alongside their grandfather, Moshe z’l and cousin, Sara z’l, in a devastating plane crash.


In order to ensure that their lives and memories would be channeled for a continued good, DROR – the Hebrew acronym for Derech Rikki and Racheli (in English, Rikki and Racheli’s Way) - was founded. Inspired by many of the traits that defined Rikki and Racheli in their all-too-short lives, DROR is an organization that embraces the spirit of activity and empowerment to benefit the lives of other adolescent girls.


DROR's goal is to help provide our girls with the tools and encouragement to strive high and succeed through the power of a strong social group, academic achievement, and sports training. 

Based out of Beit Shemesh, where Rikki and Racheli z”l grew up and studied, DROR is dedicated to creating a working model to inspire a new generation of involved and inspired young women. 

At DROR, we know that with the right guidance and support, young women can grow and succeed to become strong and confident members of the community.  

Opening of the DROR Hall


With the help of guidance counselors and administrators at several schools in Bet Shemesh, we identify the participants for the DROR program. We provide small tutoring groups to strengthen math, English, and other subjects. We set a goal for each girl to help develop her identity and strengths on a personal level as well. Self-defense workshops and running sessions are built into the program to further encourage the role that fitness and teamwork have in the positive development of young women. The pinnacle of our sports training is when the girls at DROR prepare for and participate in the Jerusalem Marathon each spring, where #TEAMDROR members are encouraged to challenge themselves beyond their expectations.

DROR currently operates in three local Ulpanot (middle schools and high schools for girls). The program, geared primarily toward girls in 7th-9th grades, has been designed so that it can be implemented in additional schools as we grow. In just a few years of operation, we at DROR have already seen the positive impact on our girls through their improved academic results as well as their enhanced self-image and more positive approach to life.

DROR partners with the community as well. TEAM DROR is open to participants from all over the world, including families and teens studying in Israel. We're proud to state that our 2019 team included over 230 participants. Three of the participants were full marathon runners. 

Each summer, DROR organizes a two-week camp where the girls can bond with each other and their mentors, while engaging in extreme sports, a variety of workshops, and volunteer opportunities. Camp DROR is open to all girls, 7th – 9th grade, in Bet Shemesh, and offers small camper to counselor ratios to help the girls build a strong connection with positive role models. All activities are designed with the goal of giving the girls enjoyable experiences that will help them to expand their horizons such as salsa dancing, MasterChef competitions, and political discussions. 


DROR girls at the Jerusalem Marathon

TEAM DROR at the 2018 Jerusalem Run