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In Loving Memory

This year, we are honored to dedicate both the marathon run and three of our therapeutic mountain biking groups in memory of three deeply missed soldiers from the DROR family, who lost their lives protecting our country.


May their memory be a blessing.

Yosef Malachi Geudalia z"l

Yosef was killed fighting terrorists in Kibbutz Kfar Aza on October 8. Yosef had been due to finish his army service within months and was about to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with his wife, Senai.


In the words of Yosef's brother, Asher, "Yosef Malachi was an angel in human form. He went on more than 100 life-threatening activities in his service and saved many even before the Shabbat. He was a humble and happy man, who never got angry".

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Lior Sivan.jpg

Lior Sivan z"l

Lior fell in battle in Gaza on December 19. Lior heroically climbed out of his tank to shoot a terrorist placing an explosive on another IDF tank. He saved the four soldiers in that tank, and possibly the three other men in his own tank. 

Lior left behind his two year-old son and pregnant wife, Liav, who has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl. At Lior's funeral Liav promised to "do everything to be a family that still loves life and laughs.”

Binyamin Meir Airley z"l

Binyamin worked with DROR as a running and biking trainer. Binyamin was killed fighting Hamas terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip on November 18.

"Binyamin personified modesty. He wouldn’t have liked all the attention... He was loved and respected by everyone who met him. A leader. His smile -– shines up the room." Words from his father, Rob's, eulogy say it all. 

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