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Personal Challenge 2021!

March 19, 2021

Choose your challenge, choose your donation!

Our girls inspire us every day. During the pandemic, they have been spending all day in Zoom classes and then meeting their tutors, alone and in groups, on Zoom, for even more intensive learning. It's not easy, but they are up for the challenge.


It's not easy for us either, what with all of the isolation. Every year we look forward to the sense of community we feel on marathon day, and we are postponed again!

So, we are taking this month to bring our DROR community together. We invite you to look inside yourself and see what you need. Maybe a sports challenge, maybe meditation, or maybe eating healthier. Or maybe it's enough to just feel the warmth of the community. You choose!

* First hundred to sign up get a DROR

  running bag and bottle!!

Join us, it's this easy!

Step 1: Register, choose your challenge and your               donation
Step 2: Download the app, join our team,
            share pictures, use our hashtag and track             your progress!
Step 3: On March 17-18 Send out your                               ambassador fundraising page for some                 serious crowdsourcing!
And...if you'd like, feel free to opt in for our daily growth messages on WhatsApp. No chatter, just a short daily message. Just scan this!

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